The Company

Thanks to a wide product portfolio and the know-how acquired over its many years in the field, the Company has also developed its business in the area of Health Emergencies, offering customers important support for the development and implementation of dedicated services and technological solutions. In this area, we have been able to collaborate with Non-Governmental Organisations, the Italian Red Cross and the emergency office of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this field, we have providing services and devices in 10 countries, in 4 continents:

  • Europe: Italy, Albania, Montenegro
  • Africa: Cameroon, Gambia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal, Congo
  • Central America: Cuba
  • Middle East: Iran, Kuwait, India and Pakistan


Hemo Diagnostica selects national and international sales partners according to rigorous standards of quality and reliability and constantly renews its product portfolio, thus boosting all new technologies on the market.