Turn-key solutions

Everything a hospital needs: from the hospital bed to the suture cord


Hemo Diagnostica has maintained several partnerships with Multinationals and Companies producing widely used devices for about twenty years.

The product lines offered by Hemo Diagnostica are:

  • Medical-surgical devices
  • Sterile gauze dressings
  • Non-sterile gauze dressings
  • Orthopaedics and bandages
  • TNT products
  • Gloves
  • Various disposable materials


The well-established Partnership with the Pakistani company Rhein has enabled Hemo Diagnostica to establish itself in the foreign market as a reliable supplier of surgical instruments for both elective and routine surgery. In order to guarantee functionality and reliability for the operator in the complex machine of the “Operating Theatre”, the selection of surgical instruments is crucial to the success of a surgery.

For a surgical instrument to be considered valid, several important requirements must be met: material, weight, size, shape, durability and price.

The Hemo Diagnostica catalogue includes metal surgical instruments falling into the following categories:

  • Cutting instruments, scalpels, scissors, dissecting hemostats, towel clamps, grippers.
  • Retractor and autostatic spreaders.
  • Bowls of various sizes.
  • Clips and clip holders.
  • Mechanical instruments, staplers.
  • Instruments for minimally invasive surgery (Video laparoscopy)


The reliability shown over the years has enabled Hemo Diagnostica to establish prestigious Partnerships with Companies of national and international renown, meeting customer needs with professionalism and competence. One of its reference sectors from the outset has been the distribution of equipment for furnishing Hospitals, Clinics and Third Age Facilities.

  • Wards: Mechanical and electric beds, bedside tables, trolleys, tables with serving boards, chairs, cabinets.
  • Outpatients’ departments: Specialty beds, multifunctional beds, therapy beds, drug cabinets, display cabinets, trolleys, drug cabinets.
  • Stretchers: Ward stretchers, specialty stretchers, multifunctional stretchers.
  • Chairs: Healthcare exam chairs, blood sample chairs, relaxation chairs, wheelchairs.
  • Trolleys: Emergency trolleys, utility trolleys, medication distribution trolleys, anaesthesia trolleys, drug distribution trolleys