It is an alternative solution to the property for the acquisition of goods.

Medical equipment rental

The Business Benefits for the Customer:
  • Deduced totally rent for IRES without obligations arising from the minimum duration of the contract provided by the TU;
  • Deduced totally rent for IRAP purposes, without distinction between principal and interest;
  • Basilea 2 advantage: thanks to the rental, the asset is used “off-asset” and therefore does not require the corresponding assets;
  • Proportion to the cash surrender value guaranteed by the supplier, you can pay the fees amount less than you would pay with a leasing/financing;
  • You can avoid the risk of obsolescence of assets;
  • You can simplify the management of ancillary services: insurance, maintenance and any commodities.
  • You can plan your own budget, turning fixed costs into variable costs;
  • Constant fees amount and postponed: maxi rent is not required as for the leasing;


It’s essentially a periodic payment for the use of an asset and related services.

  • Constant fees amount and postponed: maxi rent is not required as for the leasing;
  • The contract does not contain the amount of the good: it is not a real financing but it’s a service, for which there is only the fee and any additional charges;
  • The contract is not indexed to fixed charges and financial parameters;
  • There are renewal options with a reduced rent over the first period of the lease;
  • The fees can include also technical assistance services;
  • The local property insurance Allrisk must be provided; typically the premium is annual and is billed separately; if you already have an insurance Allrisk and the insured value is equal to or greater than the value of the leased asset, you will not need to activate a new policy!


At the end of the contract, as opposed to a finance lease, where the redemption option is exercised in 99% of cases, with the operating lease more options are available:

  • Repurchase the assets by the supplier;
  • Extension of the contract on the same equipment;
  • Renewal of the contract with integration or replacement of equipment;
  • Returning the property to the lessor;

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