Hemo Diagnostica Activities

  • Rome, Italy
    (S. Andrea Hospital, S.M.Goretti Hospital, IFO, San Raffaele, Political Military Celio, Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, Biomedical University Campus Biomedico, Agostino Gemelli University, La Sapienza University)
  • La Valletta, Malta
  • Ciudad La Habana
  • Mumbai, India
  • Ex Iugoslavia (Emergency operation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Montenegro (Emergency operation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Argentina (Emergency operation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Defzul, Kurdistan (Emergency operation – Italian Red Cross)
  • Ospedale di Tirana (Emergency operation – NGO)
  • Perù (Emergency operation – NGO)
  • Colombia (Emergency operation – NGO)
  • Ospedale di Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
  • Ospedaliere Ospedale di Oromya (Ethiopia)
  • Ospedaliere Ospedale di Awasa (Ethiopia)
  • Ospedaliere Ospedale di Tigray (Ethiopia)
  • Laboratorio Ospedale di Jalo (Libya)

HD is a cooperative with a long tradition and extensive experience. Our primary commitment is to execute accountable performance for the welfare of the patient, assistingthe medical professional, our customers as well as our manufacturing partners and employees.

Our brand stands synonymously for quality products which are characterized by very sophisticated material processing, excellent quality of raw material and a focus on innovation.

Our customers are ourpartners. The personal contactand individual customer support are key requisites for fair and respectful mutual relationships.
With these goals in mind we set benchmarks in order to succeed in premium market segments thereby preserving our tradition and our core values with integrity.

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